Easy Ways to Get Your 10,000 Steps Daily

Walking is a great way to exercise without even knowing it. According to research, sitting all day long is a risky affair that is affecting the lives of many people. The same research advises that people who sit for many hours working need to get away to walk a little before the day ends. The greatest athletes also consider taking their 10,000 steps a day to be as important as taking their enhancement steroids. You can Get More Information at Valkyrie Online on how these fitness enthusiasts achieve this. Here, we will tackle simple ways to hit your 10,000 a day.

Walking to and from Work

Most people drive or take a cab to work. However, if the distance is not too far, then walking to work is a great option. While walking to work in the morning, your body gets to burn some calories and start the day in an active way. Likewise, the evening walk back home not only burns some calories but also exercises the hamstrings and the glutes to keep your body fit. Walking is a great cardio exercise for a healthy heart as well.

Jog in the Morning or Evening

Creating time to run around the estate or along the beach is a great way to achieve a step count of 10,000. If you are shy about walking or running outdoors, then you can buy a treadmill, which works in a similar way. To make monitoring of the activity more accurate, the use of a step counter is a good option. While you are running, your smartphone can use various apps to inform you of the number of steps you have taken and the calories burnt. Treadmills also use the same technology especially the sophisticated ones, which are great for such activities.

Using the Stairs at Work

Whether you used the car or walked to work, taking the stairs is another way to get closer to your 10,000 steps. However, most people are scared of taking the stairs claiming they are tiresome or can make you sweat in the morning. But isn’t this what you want? Do not run up the stairways in the morning, but rather, walk slowly all the way up to your office. Surprisingly, this activity burns more calories than one can imagine.

Taking Breaks from Your Desk

Do not get glued to your desk all day long. Take some breaks after a couple of hours and walk around the office or out to get some fresh air as you boost the step count. If possible, pick up the files you need from other departments instead of calling to ask for them. Even if you are the CEO or the managing director, getting information yourself from the other departments does not make you a lesser leader but benefits your health.

Park Away from the Office

Parking away from the office is something many people do intentionally. It enables one to walk more steps to the office or workstation in the morning and later in the day when going home. Combining this with any of the other methods will definitely help you in attaining your dreams quickly.